Forex Maximizer FREE Indicator Giveaway By Kevin Long

Forex Maximizer will be soon hitting the forex trading community! I told you a few days back about a “crazy” Forex trader Kevin Long who was putting out a free report about avoiding the out-and-out SCAMMERS who are just about taking over the Forex software market… Well, this “little guy” trader Kevin Long is taking it up a notch by releasing his OWN Forex robot — something he’s calling Forex Maximizer — and at first I was thinking to myself… “Not again!” Not just when I was thinking this guy might be different — the real deal. But then I read his letter!

And I cooled off, because it was nothing like I was afraid it would be: no flashy sports cars,  no obviously fake “screen shots” of big trades… and no “tall tales” about some mythical group of programmers who came up with the best Forex Maximizer Robot. Nobody believes that stuff anymore, and they shouldn’t. That’s what Forex Maximizer is NOT. Here’s what it IS: A robot EA Long freely admits he programmed himself, using his own personal trading strategies! This is going to go fast – because once people realize this is the REAL THING,  not just the usual empty-box promises from some clueless “me too” marketer… but a piece of software that really works,  put together by a real trader who knows the biz…

The smart traders are going to be all over this – and because you’re loyal readers of my blog, I wanted to make sure you get first crack — before it’s all over Google and the competition gets fierce: There are some great bonuses he’s throwing in for the very first action-takers, and those are definitely going to be gone quickly –in fact they might be gone already — scroll to the bottom of the letter when you get there to make sure they’re still available, and then read the rest. But don’t take TOO long, or you could miss out!

The first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the free Forex Maximizer video was, “You got to see this action!” “Crazy” (in a good way) Forex trader Kevin Long is back with a second video, and like the first, this one’s a must-see: Why? Because he’s not only holding open the door just a little longer on a couple great free tools that he’s GIVING away… he’s also giving an “inside look” at  at how one of his own REAL forex robots works. Pretty neat stuff.

There’s not much time left to get the good stuff for free, though, because word is it’s all getting pulled down within a day  max… maybe as little as a few hours… to make room for something really big. So get yours right now before and make sure you keep tabs on what this guy is doing over the next few days: Is it just a bunch of hype? That’s what I thought, but the reason I’m even bothering to write you about it is that I was dead WRONG. This is about as “hype-free” as it gets — I mean, this guy Kevin Long doesn’t have any pictures of himself next to a Ferrari or any of the usual things you’d expect…

… just “straight talk” about trading and how you can actually use his own personal trading software (not something he “had developed” by some script kiddie in India) to make real money just like he does. This one really blew me away, and I recommend you see it if yourself NOW, before the media gets its claws in this guy and he wises up and starts charging what Forex Maximizer  is *really* worth!


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