EURO Fundamentals-Don’t be surprised when One Euro equals One Dollar!

EURO fundamentals are weak. Market confidence is wanning as there were a succession of wild rumours that circulated during the day that contributed to a high degree of volatility.  One rumour that circulated was Greece leaving the Euro Zone and this triggered sharp gains for EURO with the expectation of a new hard currency area could be formed. Whatever, always remember markets run on perceptions and expectation. These perceptions and expectations rule the market in the short term. They can be wrong in the long term but short term is what matters for most of us traders. No doubt EURO and the EUR/USD currency pair has been behaving in a wild crazy manner in the last few days.  Now, let’s see this EURO Fundamentals daily candlesticks chart EUR/USD currency pair video that asks one question: Can 1 EURO=1 DOLLAR? Know how you can apply MarketClub’s Trade Triangle Technology to EUR/USD. Trade Triangle Technology is something that you should master!

Listen to Adam Hewison, President,, Co-creator, MarketClub:  Don’t be surprised when one euro equals one dollar… it could happen. As everyone in the Western World knows, Europe has been having its share of major problems. All of Europe’s trials and tribulations have had a dramatic affect on the performance of the euro, recently putting it under severe pressure. Unlike the United States, where we can print money and inflate ourselves out of most problems, the Eurozone is accountable to the 16 nations who gave up their own currency to join.

I have had a lot of calls and e-mails about doing a video on the euro, so I looked at the markets and made a video to share my thoughts with you. In my latest video I’ll explain how our “Trade Triangle” technology has been very accurate since the beginning of the year for the euro. Although we’ve nailed the market thus far, it leads to the big question: Have we seen the euro bottom out? I hope my new video answers that question and highlights some of the reasons why I believe we could be seeing some strong opportunities in this market. The EURO Fundamentals video is available for viewing now and there is no charge or registration requirement. If you’d like to comment on this video, please visit the Trader’s Blog at the end of the video to make your views known.