Trading Discipline Audios Plus Risk & Money Management eBook by Norman Hallet

We are living in historic times… market-wise…and therefore, trading-wise. Fortunes will be made by those traders who can consistently follow their trading plan. Will that be you? It CAN be. Norman is accepting only 250 new students, so please Act Now. Travel to “The Disciplined Trader” Intensive Program…Norman Hallett is offering THE MOST COMPLETE guarantee on the planet.  If you’re not seeing yourself turn from hesitant to confident by the end of the Program (YES, you can take the whole course before deciding!), you’ll get your money back and you’ll part
friends. Now, it’s YOUR MOVE…

Of the 157 comments I just read about Norman and Tisha Hallett’s new 3-Minute Audios on Trading Discipline, this one really jumped out at me written, by a trader Paul-Guy…
“I’ve done all those stupid and costly mistakes. Since Sept. 19,  2008 my total losses amount to $16,000+ USD. I do need  somebody’s urgent advice. My main weaknesses are pulling the  trigger, getting excited when the market go my way, and hoping for a reversal if the market does not go my way; the market doesn’t care about my silliness and IT wipes me out each and  every time I don’t listen to IT. One last weakness and probably  my worst is overtrading. Definitely, I need to be more disciplined!  Tisha is welcomed to deliver more of those valued nuggets.”

Although “Trading Discipline” is not the ‘sexiest’ part of the trading world, we all know how important it is to a trader’s success… and by downloading the 3 audios Norman Hallet is offering, you’re doing a world of good for your trading success. As I mentioned yesterday, there is a surprise bonus… a MEATY one… Norman Hallet’s ebook on Risk and Money Management which is a favorite asset from his The Disciplined Trader Intensive Program. You will be loving it! Something more that you shouldn’t miss, three 30-minute Webinars:

=======> Webinar 1:  Building and Following Your Trading Plan
=======> Webinar 2:  Effective Risk/Money Management Tips
=======> Webinar 3:  The Art and Value of Journaling
3 Webinars, hosted by Norman Hallet and a guest expert administrator on the topic will take place Tues, Wed, Thurs, the 6, 7 and 8th of April. “If you didn’t get a chance to hear these short audios, I suggest you do it now while you still can. The feedback is excellent and many are sending me “thank you” emails. These 3 “Trading Discipline” Audios are causing a BUZZ… Trading Discipline – In 3 Minutes! … (complimentary)…Stop the “Blowout Trade”… 3-Minute Solution…This Brief Audio = Better Trading Discipline NOW…
Whether you trade stocks, forex, futures, options, commodities, ETFs or whatever, you need Trading Discipline and lots of it! Norman Hallett, the Internet’s top authority on trading discipline has done it again! In fact, he’s done TWO THINGS again! One… He’s polled 1772 traders on what’s REALLY getting in your way of being DISCIPLINED in your trading… and in response to what he’s discovered…He’s recorded 3 short audios (3 minutes each) tackling the most important 3 issues reported by traders…
– Stopping the “Blowout Trade”
– Having the Strength to Pull The Trigger
– Taking Your Losses without Hesitation
and TWO… he’s just GIVING these audios to you – complimentary – available for just a day or two – to get some buzz going for his upcoming class. Whether you trade stocks, FOREX, options, futures or bonds… Grab these Trading Discipline Audios while they are still complimentary…More specifically, when the 1772 traders were polled,  the 3 most common “discipline issues” that were  expressed, read…
=> “I did it again! I had all this profit and just gave it all back AND MORE in one UN-disciplined trade. How do I stop these debilitating “Blowout” trades?”
=> “I’m hesitating to Pull the Trigger when my trading plan signals me to.  How can I become more consistent in following my trading plan?
=> “I’m having trouble taking my losses. Can you tell me how to stop this destructive practice?”
The 3 short audios you’ll be downloading, take each of these issues HEAD ON. So, don’t hesitate on this one or two day offer. To get complimentary access to these 3 powerful 3-minute audios, you’ll have to move on it today. It’ll just take you a few seconds.  This is what Norman Hallet says on his The Disciplined Traded Intensive Program: “There is no other training anywhere near ours when it comes to the comprehensiveness and the quality of material for training traders to improve their mental and emotional command to trading.”


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