Steal Pips Forex Robot

“Our Robot Isn’t Illegal…It Just Performs Like It is!” – Matt Delen

Grab your FREE Steal Pips VIP Trader’s Kit. I just got leaked information on a game changing forex system, dubbed Steal Pips, that will hit the markets soon…something so huge that it will leave you gasping for air. The Steal Pips System claims to ROB the forex market legally, using and exploiting proprietary technology coined Automated Price Action Recognition (A.P.A.R) and Trend & U turn Points Detector (T.U.P.D).

For the first time ever, a proven robust Automated Forex Trading Robot is about to be revealed that will exponentially grow your Forex account month after month. Do you know the story of Matt Delen? He started off trading forex manually, but when that got too time consuming and he started to burn out, he switched to a forex robot, only to be dealt with HUGE LOSSES and mysterious behavior with his trades’ “stop loss” and “take profit” points…HOWEVER he quickly figured out that it wasn’t his system failing BUT rather the brokers manipulating his trades to pocket $$$ themselves…the brokers knew exactly what the bot was doing…it was as though he was playing poker with all his cards showing. 

After hitting the online casinos to chase his losses, he stumbled on a group of underground programmers in a gambling forum. These “black hat” geeks had become experts at creating “bots” to clean up the online poker and blackjack rooms, using the same mix of advanced “game theory” and lightning-fast sleight of hand that card counters use to fleece Vegas pit bosses. 

Realizing that if these programmers could beat casinos that had dirty tricks down to a science, they could easily come up with a devastatingly effective forex robot whose trading behavior would be so elusive, the dealers would never see it coming.

After investing much of his remaining savings in hiring them, they built the Steal Pips software, combining his hard-won knowledge of the forex market with the programmers’ dealer-beating savvyness. As a result, the Steal Pips forex robot doesn’t use any of the common lagging-indicators that forex dealers can spot a mile away, and it easily outsmarts common dealer cons like “stop hunting” by camouflaging the stop-loss and take-profit numbers that other robots give away on command. 

Instead, its breakthrough Automated Price Action Recognition and Trend & U turn Points Detector technology uses “price action analysis” to spot subtle but repeating patterns in the market and use them to turn the “house advantage” on its head. 

And because Steal Pips uses the price itself to predict the market’s next move, rather than the usual “wait and see” indicators that stall most robots (until the market’s already half-way through a trend before taking action)… it trades faster and racks up more profits automatically from each trade. 

As a result, Matt was NOT ONLY ABLE to beat the forex dealers at their own game by keeping his trading strategies under wraps but rather DESTROY them, setting up account after account and keeping them all running on autopilot without having his winnings stolen through the dealers’ underhanded tactics.  Matt and his team of developers are so confident about how well their system performs that they are going to show irrevocable proof to convince even the most diehard skeptics. NO BACKTESTS. They plan on using Live Forex Trading Statements (actual real money accounts…no demo accounts & no backtests), Video testimonials, and Live Question and Answer Sessions to prove their point.

Wow! Unbelievable, right? How is that possible? Those are my exact thoughts. This is a Game Changing moment…the tables have turned against the dealers. That’s all the information I have for now. The moment I hear more, I’ll let you know ASAP. I am holding my breath! Don’t forget to grab the freebies that they have posted up on their site…I just downloaded them and they are priceless…must have tools for any one involved in Forex.