Core Trading And Setti Ponti Model

Do you know the Secret of Core Trading, the SETTI PONTI MODEL and the magical Trend Reactionary Numbers (TRN) that can make you rich? Well today, I have some very special news for you…World renowned ex-chief bank trader Tom Strignano is opening up his pandora’s box of executable trading systems that dominate the FOREX market again…and it’s going to rock…Tom has more than two decades of experience trading global currency markets as the Chief Currency Trader and the market maker for a number of prime banks.  He is the real pro who knows how the inner circle of big boys works.

Tom keeps on giving his proprietary trading systems on and off. First it was the Head Fake Filter. You can watch the Head Fake Filter video on youtube. Then it was the Fibonacci Strike, a powerful method that pulls 500+ pips per trade.  When he gives away FREE information you should jump on  it as fast as possible, as he’s been known to give away full  trading systems that have made the users gains the very first  day topping 150 pips! No kidding,

This is some great stuff, and he’s got a video for you and a PDF  written to follow along, so go grab this now…You’ll be glad you did…Nothing to buy, and everything to gain…You’re about to watch a brief training video where Tom will show you EXACTLY how he implements one of his many powerful trading systems.  The SETTI PONTI MODEL is what allows him to go into multiple markets at the same time…Using his Core Trading philosophy…

•How to Pick Points To Measure and How To Measure The Points
•How to use the Levels Like A Seasoned Pro
•Why the 50% level is so Important!
•How the TRNs effect the trade outcome.

Know the secret SETTI PONTI MODEL that shows you how to dominate the forex markets in just a few hours a day from the comfort of your home just now!