Forex Nuke 2.0

Big news! As if the winning trades and safe spreads weren’t enough, the team behind the Forex Nuke has taken their advisor to the next level: Forex Nuke 2.0 …. Just as predicted, the new functions give users a new edge in their day to day trading. The auto detection and custom settings are a breeze and really open up your chances at amazing margins/gains per trade. Take another look at the new version functions:

Forex Nuke 2.0 Version Features:

– Fully ECN compatible
– Advanced and stable Money Management System
– Growing Trading Lots
– You choose how many open orders you want
– Choose your risk percentage so YOU are in control
– Can be used on multiple accounts
– 5 digit capabilities which are AUTO detected
– Applies to ALL rules & Regs
– – PROVEN 10 year stability < Still can’t get over this one…

Today is going to be my last call out for this as their user base is going to be limited and probably won’t be up for too much longer. If you’re already using robots I recommend doing a comparison over a month or two (IMPORTANT: If you like to see daily trades no matter what – you may not like this – it’s NOT a scalper, it’s NOT a bottom of the barrel change scraper – it will ONLY trade when odds and gains are extremely probable & profitable, and won’t trade daily. You MUST give it time to show you what it can do compared to the rest – it’s a sleeper and makes you way more over the long run than almost all other bots we tested against).

It’s not that I don’t like other software, there are many out there that have our stamp of approval and I’ve helped promote the ones I see as beneficial – THIS one though, it’s one of the few in this years pack so far that isn’t a loser. In fact – it’s stood the test of time so far with version 1, and now it’s been improved to be even better (which most forex software developers seems to shy away from). Having said that, the bottom line is: It simply works.

Above and beyond all the sales and marketing that surrounds the new features, it boils down to whether or not it will make you money – right? I applaud your opinions and feedback so feel free to give this a good run, and as usual if you’re not happy they honor an 8 week grace period trial and refund guarantee (however I think you’ll find that after your first month – you’re going to want to keep it too). Here’s your last notice and chance to get this before it goes public and probably costs much more. Best of luck trading!