Forex Broker Nightmare

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Forex trading I am pretty much obsessed about protecting my trading strategy.   It’s what funds my retirement, maintains my quality of life, and give me some security in this crazy world.

“And that’s why I distrust my forex broker.”

Yes, many forex brokers are good, ethical, careful stewards of trading accounts – but I can’t afford to risk my money on good intentions. Neither can you. My friend, Vladimir and his Marina share my intense distrust of forex brokers.  In fact, they have a hard-disk full of horror stories forwarded to them by fellow traders. They’ve seen brokers change stop-loss and take-profit triggers. They’ve seen forex brokers artificially trigger stop-losses.  They’ve caught brokers red-handed, adjusting spreads without an acceptable reason or permission. You can read actual emails of brokers trying to cover their tracks at Forex Broker Nightmare – The cheaters have been *EXPOSED*! And, this happens more often than you would think.  So the question isn’t if you need to protect your trading account from an unethical forex broker – it’s when. Remember…

Your forex broker is not on your team.

Sure he wants you to do well.  But he wants you to trade HIS way not your way.  Our style of fast, narrow spread, low-risk trading drives most brokers nuts.  They simply can’t make as much money on our trades.  They would rather have rookie clients. Like I said, these con artists have a full arsenal of dirty tricks:

– They will widen your spreads
– Adjust prices to trip stop-loss orders
– And deny everything and say it was a system glitch.

They make money and ruin your trading strategy! Get the full-story on how to detect and prevent these shenanigans NOW. Vladimir decided to stop this crap once and for all! He built Forex Broker Nightmare which is the most powerful broker manipulation protection that I’ve ever seen. 

Forex Broker Nightmare works by camouflaging your trading strategy.  This way you keep making money and your broker will not know the difference. Here’s the crazy part. It will even mask your trading activity to keep your account below the radar.  Even if your broker checked he would see an account that is just too risky for him to mess with. So instead of messing with your trading strategy and losing you money – the scum bag just leaves you alone and preys upon his un-protected customers. But just in case…

Some brokers can’t help themselves and will mess with every account they lay their eyes on.   So if your broker does tamper with your account, you’ll get an instant message on your computer screen alerting you to the broker’s change. Now, you can jump on the phone immediately and tell the creep to keep his paws off your account. This is guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of the chump. If you care about making money without the hassle then check out Vladimir’s Forex Broker Nightmare!