Trend Trading With sRs Trend Rider Vladimir Ribakov

Trend trading is one of the most profitable trading strategies that works in any market.  Trend is your friend.  But to tell you the actual truth, trend is not your friend at its beginning and its end.  It is always difficult to predict the start and end of a trend. Even professional traders make mistakes when trying to identify the start of a trend in the market. The end always comes suddenly and many traders are everytime caught unaware. At the start and the end, if you get it wrong, you ruin your chance of making any profit but rather you will end up with a loss. However, trend will always be your friend in the middle. Always try to trade with the trend in the middle when it is well underway. But how do you trade a trend? Read this post, to find a simple, yet effective method of trend trading.

The New Year brings with it a lot of promises and hopes…but the big question is will it be a successful trading year for YOU? Well, not one but three REAL-MONEY live account test have given me the ultimate proof that this is going to be a fantastic trading year for those who’ll be quick enough to get their hands on Vladimir’s secret system. Vladimir Ribakov is a veteran Forex trader who already achieved his trading goals, enjoys the life he managed to provide for his family, and now looks to use his experience to help other traders achieve success.

He waited until the New Year to release his secret strategy and he puts his reputation and name that this is something that we haven’t seen until now. Vladimir describes his strategy, the sRs Trend Rider, as a “Hybrid” strategy in the sense that it combines an accurate manual strategy he has been using for a long time, with additional trading tools that make it almost fully automatic. This unique combination achieves three goals:

1. Enjoys all the advantages and none of the disadvantages of both manual and automated trading, while keeping us traders in full control.

2. Stops the time waste and emotional strain that’s usually associated with manual trading.

3. Provides accurate and dependable trading results.

During the years Vladimir has perfected the sRs Trend Rider and added two important components. A proprietary indicator to pinpoint the exact time to enter the market combined with a sophisticated customized template and alert mechanism. With these two great trading tools, Vladimir has manages to extract over 100 pips on each trade he takes. Vladimir is using his proprietary TWO-PHASE Money Management technique, that has proven itself over and over again, and is being revealed for the first time. Until now, it sounds like this strategy requires some actual work to operate it, and that’s true.

However, when Vladimir has agreed to finally release to the public this great and unique strategy, he has taken this strategy not one but several steps forward turning it to almost 95% automatically by adding a special trade management robot, which is like your secret helper that does all the hard labor for you. So, in addition to his accurate manual strategy you get 4 independent components which work in harmony to ease your trading process.

Before he unleashed this strategy to the public, Vladimir has recruited 3 random beta testers from among his subscribers to test the system. They were required to learn the system, try it and then open a live real-money trading account at the end of November. They traded these accounts and provided live public updates of the accounts verified by the MT4LIVE.COM site. Don’t miss this sRs Trend Rider hybrid trading strategy!