Forex MegaDroid Robot And Forex Auto Detector Software FREE Download

Forex Megadroid went live last year and, as I predicted, it rocked the Forex industry…Just now visit the Forex Megadroid site and see the live proof of it making 2,681.70% NET PROFIT since 1st January 2009 and download the FOREX AUTO DETECTOR SOFTWARE that can increase the profitability of any forex robot by 53% or more as a FREE GIFT from the Forex Megadroid Team! I mean, I already had some facts about the robot but what I saw yesterday after the product relaunched simply raised the bar quite a few levels…To start, PERFORMANCE:

2009: 2,270.30%
2008:    623.47%
2007:    612.91%
2006:    333.05%
2005:    810.70%

Meet John Grace and Albert Perrie who created Forex MegaDroid Robot. Who are these two persons? John and Albert are real professional forex traders who have been trading in the interbank market for more than two decades. They have seen it all. They are the real insider people who know how the forex market works and how the big players tilt the market in their favor. John and Albert explain why Forex MegaDroid has taken away every single barrier between average robots and a GREAT robot! Read what John and Albert have to say:

“We invented a new technology, a new way of trading Forex. What we have done is truly revolutionary by any industry standards and we want the recognition for it. We want our names in the “Forex Hall of Fame”. Why? Well… you know we have been involved in this industry for so many years. Myself since 1989, Albert since 1991. We have held many important positions, have been involved in many important projects. But it is now time to “tie the knot” so to speak! Time to prove we are MUCH more than 2 guys that have been trading Forex for a combined 38 years. It all comes down to how you want people to remember you, what you have done and what you have contributed. This is our contribution, RCTPA is our way of revolutionizing the industry, Forex Megadroid is what we will be recognized for in years to come.

To start, in 2009 alone, the robot multiplied the initial deposit (since January 1st) more that 20 times. It actually achieved a 2,270.30% return so far. That is over 150% NET profit per month since the beginning of the 2009. In simple terms, every dollar deposited has grown to over $20 to date. But that’s not enough…Every year the robot has achieved unparalleled results: 623.47.84%,  612.91%, 333.05%, 810.70%, 677.67%… In 2009, we not only hit the 1,000% NET profit target we set ourselves but actually broke right thorough the 2,000% level!”

There WERE 3 certainties when it came to Forex robots:

1.  They all based their decisions on what happened in the past
2.  They all used outdated Artificial Intelligence technology
3.  They all were prime targets for Forex brokers

ALL these are things of the PAST! The Forex Megadroid robot has pushed the envelope… this is an industry revolutionizer and the most talked about robot on the market.

First Robot That Sees Into The Immediate Future
Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough

Artificial Intelligence employed in Forex trading is a relatively new advancement and it has done wonders when it comes to robot performance. But, like with any industry, the boundaries are going to get stretched from time to time… except that this time, they have not only been stretched, they have truly been broken!

Albert and John have managed to create a robot that sees into the immediate future rather than the past… with 95.82% accuracy. What’s “immediate future”? Well… 2-4 hours from any given point in time.It is important that you read everything they have to say about this discovery.

What is VERY important to understand is that up until now, whatever Forex robots have been doing has relied on what happened in the past as the basis for future decisions…And we all know that the past never provides us very accurate indications of what will happen in the future. This is truly revolutionary… RCTPA technology will definitely tremble the industry, establish a new record in performance… but, most importantly, will establish a new standard. RCTPA stands for Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis!

Catch me If You Can!
(Us vs Forex Brokers)

Forex brokers are sneaky… we all know about that. ESPECIALLY when it comes to very profitable Forex robots! If they see you winning too much, they will do all they can to slow down your robot’s performance. Forex Megadroid is the only robot in the market that has an inbuilt mechanism that prevents brokers from “playing” with it. In other words… this robot is INVISIBLE to the Forex broker. They simply can’t know you are trading with it and hence CANNOT do anything about its performance.

This by itself has taken robot trading to the next level. Finally, a solution to one of the main problems traders have been having! Forex MegaDroid has this “Broker Buster” mechanism that is unique and not present in other forex robots. Make sure you read why John and Albert are sure the robot will break the 1,000% profit barrier in 2009. (This forex robot is GOOD!)


  • maurice van mourik

    March 1, 2010


    A few month’s ago I bought Megadroid, but until now I had only losses while trading at a demo-account of Alpari UK. The Robot is not trading very often, and when it does, than with a big loss.

    I do not see which parameters in the EA I can adjust for a better performance !

    Can you give me an advise how I can adjust the EA, so that the Robot is trading more profitable ?


    Maurice van Mourik.

    • admin

      March 1, 2010

      Hi Maurice,

      I hope you are doing good. You didn’t mention what currency pair you are trading with MegaDroid plus the timeframe. However, here are a few tips:

      1) MegaDroid trades only EURUSD pair on 1 hour chart.
      2) MegDroid does not trade on Fridays, Sundays and Holidays. MegaDroid is designed to enter into a trade very carefully when there is a high probability trade. So if it does not trade for one or two days, there is nothing wrong with it. Some people have this misconception that a robot will start trading frantically the moment it is attached to the chart. MegaDroid does not work like that!
      3) The best settings to use are actually the default. The only thing that you should set is the LotSize Management for trading without Order Management or the RiskLevel-0.1 or 0.2 meaning 10% or 20% risk per trade. 10-20% risk per trade is more than enough. Trading is all about risk management whether you do it manually or automatically. Don’t try to take too much risk.

      First try to play with these settings and see the performance of MegaDroid on your demo account. Once, you have tested it thoroughly only than trade live. Always first try a new robot or for that matter new trading strategy on your demo account. In case of MegaDroid, if you download it, first test it thoroughly on your demo account for 60 days. If you can’t make it work, simple go for a refund. I think two months are more than enough for testing a robot. I hope this helps. Have a great day!


  • durai murugan

    October 1, 2010

    i would like to buy your software.what time i can trade?

  • Aslam

    November 20, 2010

    Hi there,Hasham,
    Idd Mubarak to you and all the members of your family. I remember reading that the latest Megadroid now trades in four currency pairs. But the one advertised in your columns for $97 only trades in EUR/USD? Could you let me know if such a product is available or you can provide to get it?
    Wishing you all the best. Thanks and Regards.

  • Jared@freefxtradingrobot

    December 19, 2010

    I agree forex megadroid has been one of the most solid performers over the years, a true stand out indeed. Many other automated traders I talk with have said the same thing.

  • don

    December 26, 2010

    megadroid and faps turbo are the biggest junk that i’ve bought

  • davit

    January 23, 2011

    I feel that this is extraordinary, playing the forex is the thing that I liked.
    thanks for sharing

  • forexpiprebates

    January 24, 2011

    both megadroid and faps have had their drawdowns, the middle of 2009 i remember being the biggest one, however they are both built on solid logic, so the long term performance should still be there

  • Melissa Davis

    April 25, 2011


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