The Oil Trading Business

Oil Trading can be done from anywhere in the world with a free price feed. You can start oil trading with only $300! Everyone wants to trade forex now a days as it has been hyped to be the greatest money making machine. But do you know this that oil is the most heavily traded commodity in the world yet very few non professionals trade oil. Do you remember the summer of 2008, when crude oil prices jumped from around $60-$70 per barrel to almost $150 per barrel in just three months.

The days of cheap oil maybe almost over. Trading oil is no different than trading forex, stocks indices and other contracts. In trading, you can profit from both rising as well as falling prices. Plus if you use leverage, you can profit from even a small movement in the market. Ofcourse, leverage is risky and is a double edged sword that cuts both ways. But there are ways to manage risk with stop loss orders. You can use many types of stop loss orders to manage risk.

Now, you can trade oil from the same MetaTrader MT4 platform that you use to trade forex. Just right click in the  Market Watch window where the currency pairs are shown and then click on Show All to find the list of all the contracts that can be traded on MT4. You may be even surprised to find the DOW and shares in the list. Infact MT4 platform can trade all sorts of contracts including oil.

Learn the Oil Trading Business from John Campbell. This is what John Campbell says: “My name is John Campbell and I used to own a small IT business in the UK. Now, I live on a island in the Mediterranean, and make a living from financial trading. Everybody wants Forex – big mistake! Commodity trading is far easier, far safer and far more profitable. The real professionals (not those bogus Forex vendors) make oil the most traded commodity in the world because it is the most profitable!

This has had the finest test possible during the credit crunch crisis when it continued to perform just as well. I didn’t expect to make a noticeable amount of money from this but that doesn’t matter at all – most of my income is from trading oil, gold and occasionally Forex, not from trying to sell the system to others. However, if you’re ready to make real money, this is the way to do it.

The Oil Trading Business System is very easy to use and the signals will be produced on your computer identical to the ones I trade myself. They are completely unambiguous and easy to read. We sell on a down arrow and buy on an up arrow, so long as this is confirmed by the Trade Confirmation/Close Indicator (TCCI). Trades currently have a 15 point stop loss and a 30 point take profit (varies with conditions). However, trades are closed before then if the TCCI changes colour. The trade indicator can be adjusted to suit varying conditions and occasional updates are posted in the Members Area. Remember, I am actually trading this every day.

It has just over a 60% success rate with the average win being more than the average loss. At the time of writing (12th April) conditions are more difficult than they used to be but we are still making a profit. Volatility is much less now, so monthly profits will be reduced from over 2,000 pips to around 300/400 pips a month. Conditions should improve as the economy settles. Oil can be traded online from $1 a point upwards. Results continued to be good even during the period of the credit crunch.

I have hours and hours of free time so decided to market my system, just for fun . Oil Trading Business comes complete with a 26 page, illustrated guide suitable for complete beginners, covering all aspects of oil trading plus 2 oil indicators. You get 1 click template setup files and a 2 page guide to using the free MetaTrader. Updates are continuously available in the Members Area and I am always available for e-mail support.”

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